Laura Hildebrand

lighting designer, programmer, master electrician


Laura Hildebrand is a lighting designer, master electrician, and programmer in the Boston area.  Born and raised near Annapolis, Maryland, she spent most of her early theater days as a violinist in pit orchestras and slipped into the technical theater world  as a sophomore at Princeton University.  There she was a lighting designer, master electrician, and technical director for Theatre Intime, and designed and assisted on shows around campus under the mentorship of Jane Cox.

After graduation, she moved to Cambridge, MA, where she has freelanced extensively and held staff positions at the American Repertory Theater and Emerson College Office of the Arts. She has been a full-time freelancer since November 2017, and is currently the resident lighting designer and lighting teacher at Brimmer and May School in Chestnut Hill.

Laura can be reached through the Contact tab at the top of the page.